Fly Casper Alliance (FCA) advocates, educates and connects the community to the importance of commercial air service to the economy in Natrona County, Wyoming.

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Why we were established

FCA was founded in 2022 as a 501 (c) (4) to keep the heart of Wyoming’s businesses and people connected globally through commercial air service and access to the two major cities in the region, Salt Lake City and Denver.  Post Covid, Natrona County was presented with a minimum guaranteed revenue request (MRG) by the Delta Airlines regional carrier, SkyWest,  to keep Casper directly connected to Salt Lake City, a pivotal regional hub for economic growth in Natrona County. FCA advocates for and educates the public and the private sectors on what an MRG is and how it impacts the economic development of Natrona County.

News Release



Kaycee Wiita

June 24, 2024

Minimum Revenue Guarantee (MRG) Application Withdrawn

On June 17th, the Casper/Natrona County International Airport (C/NCIA) Board of Directors notified Fly Casper Alliance (FCA) that it voted to no longer support the minimum revenue guarantee (MRG) which enabled SkyWest, as the Delta Connection, to provide service to Casper and central Wyoming.  Subsequently, the Natrona County Commissioners withdrew the application for MRG support from the Wyoming State Aeronautics Commission rendering the MRG request void.  At this time, we do not have a date when the Delta Connection service will end.  This does not effect the United Express service.

Withdrawing the minimum revenue guarantee (MRG) application was not the outcome Fly Casper Alliance had hoped for and we know that losing this valuable resource will be a hardship for many of our residents including those who use this flight for medical purposes and access to their jobs, not to mention the medical personnel that the flight brought to the area and the visitors who came and spent money in our restaurants, our local shops, at our hotels, and our attractions.

Thank you to the Natrona County Commissioners, The Casper City Council, Converse County Commissioners, the City of Douglas, Advance Casper, and Visit Casper for your support of the MRG.  Also, thank you to our local businesses and other entities who also committed funds to the MRG.  All funds have been returned to entities who had submitted funding to Fly Casper Alliance.

THANK YOU, central Wyoming for joining us in this effort. The people in central Wyoming truly rally for good causes that benefit the region and will continue to do so going forward.


Our Focus


FCA supports the Casper/Natrona County International Airport through air service support and development.
We work between the public and the private sectors to advocate for commercial air service that makes sense for our community.


FCA helps the community understand what an MRG is and why it’s necessary, for now.


FCA connects the community through information. We support long-term, sustainable commercial air service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does SkyWest ask for an MRG?

SkyWest – as the Delta Connection – flies “at-risk.” meaning that if the flights aren’t full they lose money. SkyWest requires an MRG for all Delta Connection routes, all fly “at-risk” except for St. George, Utah where they are headquartered, in order to avoid operating at a loss.

“Contract flying” is when an airline, such as United, pays a regional carrier like SkyWest to fly a route, which is the case for service to Denver. In this case, United assumes the risk of flying the route, not the regional carrier.

How does SkyWest determine what the MRG will be?

The MRG is calculated using projected fuel costs and a cost per hour to operate the aircraft (outside of fuel) against projected passenger revenue.  If projected revenue does not exceed projected expenses, the difference becomes the MRG.

Why does SkyWest fly without an MRG for United?

United compensates SkyWest for contract flying for their flight services to Denver, so there is no need for an MRG.

Why does Casper need a flight to Salt Lake City?

Maintaining commercial service between Casper and Salt Lake City is essential for the economic development of our region. Did you know that most of Natrona County is a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)? It’s the only foreign trade zone in Wyoming! 

The FTZ coupled with the only international airport in Wyoming, the Casper/Natrona International Airport, serves as a pivotal hub for business, tourism, and trade within Wyoming and the surrounding areas. The direct flight to Salt Lake City, a major transportation and business center, facilitates convenient access for local businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and tourists which grows the economy in Natrona County.

This connectivity not only encourages businesses to establish a presence in Casper, but also promotes tourism, which is a significant source of revenue to Natrona County. In addition, it enhances Natrona County’s accessibility to national and international markets, fostering economic growth and strengthening the community’s livability. Without this vital link, opportunities for economic development and growth in Natrona County would be hindered.

How does the Minimum Revenue Guarantee impact the economy in Natrona County?

In November of 2023, at the request of Fly Casper Alliance, the Wyoming Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division did a Return on Investment (ROI) study for the MRG that had been paid by the county and the state from June 2022 through July 2023. This study concluded that in that time period, the Delta Connection flight between Casper and Salt Lake City contributed $11+M to the economy in Natrona County.

meet our team

Board of Directors

Kaycee Wiita

Community Leader,
EndoVascular Instruments
Tina Hoebelheinrich headshot

Tina Hoebelheinrich

President/CEO, Casper
Area Chamber of Commerce

Tassma Powers

Tassma Powers

Community Leader,
McMurry Companies
Glenn Januska

Glenn Jenuska

Airport Director,
Casper/Natrona County
International Airport
Justin Farley

Justin Farley

Advance Casper
Carter Napier

Carter Napier

Casper City Manager

Tyler Daugherty

Tyler Daugherty

Visit Casper
Channel McCash

Chanel McCash

Operations Manager,
Advance Casper
Luke Gilliam

Luke Gilliam

Executive Director, WYO Sports Complex

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Why you should fly Instead of Drive

Here are five fun facts highlighting why travel from Casper to Salt Lake City is more convenient than driving:

Saves Time
Flying from Casper to Salt Lake City can save a significant amount of time. While driving between the two citites takes approximately 5-6 hours, a flight can get you there in about an hour.

Skyline Views
Enjoy breathtaking aerial views during your flight, including stunning vistas of the Rocky Mountains and the vast, scenic landscapes of Wyoming and Utah. It’s like getting a scenic tour from the sky!

Stress-Free Travel
Forget about icy roads, road closures, and navigating traffic!  Air travel offers a safe, hassle-free experience.

Increased Productivity
Make the most of your travel time by being productive. Catch up on work, read a book, or enjoy in-flight entertainment. Flying lets you multitask and use your time more efficiently.

Accessibility to a Hub
Salt Lake City International Airport serves as a major hub for Delta Airlines and is a connector hub for several other airlines.  There are awide range of domestic and international flights, opening up endless travel possibilities.

Case Study

“Flying out of Denver or Salt Lake is cheaper than flying out of Casper.”

Plane at Casper Airport

Analysis of additional costs, Casper vs. Denver or Salt Lake City (based on a four day trip):

Variables DEN SLC CPR
Parking $32-$120 $48-$220 $0-$14
Mileage $364 $537 $0-$14
Tolls $12-$18 $0 $0
Total Cost (Rounded) $408-$502 $585-$757 $0-$38
Time (Driving) 7.5 hours 12 hours 28 mins



Total Cost (rounded)

Time (Driving)




7.5 hours




12 hours




28 minutes

Plane at Casper Airport

Fly Casper Alliance Scholarship Fund

Fly Casper Alliance founded the Fly Casper Alliance Scholarship for Aviation Students Fund at Casper College to help offset the cost of instruction for students enrolled in the commercial aviation program. The first awards will benefit students pursuing a commercial aviation degree starting with the Spring 2024 semester. If you’d like to make a donation to this scholarship fund, click on the link below and type “Fly Casper Alliance Scholarship for Aviation Students Fund” in the comments box. All donations are tax-deductible. The Casper College Fund is a 501(c)(3) – EIN:83-6003050.